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Best Lowbrow Bar Ambiance

The Buffet

"Lowbrow," "dive"--whatever word you want to describe the Buffet is drivel. "Gem" is more like it, and that's why so many different types of people make the Buffet their little bit of drinking paradise. The Buffet is proof that large quantities of alcohol should be consumed with good company, and despite the graffiti-painted walls and the occasional patron talking to himself, there's plenty of good company at the Buffet. There's heart along that bar, which means that even if you come in wearing some preppie duds, the old guy next to you will like you anyway and talk about stuff like Obama, China and Buddhism. Don't forget to play Def Leppard on the jukebox. The waitresses like it.

Runners up:

2. The Shelter, 4155 E. Grant Road, 326-1345

3. Che's Lounge, 346 N. Fourth Ave., 623-2088,

Sign of the impending apocalypse: Chili's, three votes