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Best Lowbrow Bar Ambiance

The Buffet

Cheers, it most certainly ain't. In fact, the place is kind of a skanky dump. But it's our skanky dump, and by gawd, we're proud of it. Don't be comin' in here if you're some kind of yuppified scum--you won't be welcome in that $100 Patagonia Hawaiian shirt. But if you're a working man or girl, maybe fresh out of luck with dark armpit stains on your shirt, or everything you own stuffed in a paper sack, then this is the bar for you. It's the kind of place the living dead hang out in, though things just aren't quite the same, what with that there danged smoking ban.

Runners up:

2. Che's Lounge, 346 N. Fourth Ave., 623-2088

3. The Shelter, 4155 E. Grant Road, 326-1345