Best Of Tucson®

Best Lowbrow Bar Ambiance

Golden Nugget Tavern

Reader's Pick: This establishment may object to the "low-brow" designation, thinking it's some sort of Neanderthal crack. The Nug is more evolved than that. Some circles even refer to it as the "Country Club," but not because it's filled with drunken Ted Knight-types. No, the Nugget is a place where the "Dudes" of the world (see the Big Lebowski if this is unclear) can count on an unending supply of inexpensive Caucasians. This, of course, refers to the beverage, not the clientele, although come to think of it... Anyway, the Golden Nugget has everything the discriminating barfly could hope for, from four well-placed pool tables (no table faults) to bar shuffleboard, to ESPN on two TVs, to the occasional skirmish that is always handled professionally. Drinks are on the cheap side of reasonable, the 'tenders are your friends ('Sup Tim!) and you'll never be in doubt about last call. (THIS IS LAAAAST CAAAALLL!!! They'll bray out.) And did we mention a daily spate of sandwiches from the Sausage Deli is available? Note to ladies: Tucson's best-kept secret is the sheer volume of hunks in attendance on any given night at the Nug (read: sausage party, but then what bar isn't, except maybe Ain't Nobody's Biz). With that in mind, the Golden Nugget is probably the most fun to be had on $10 anywhere in this dusty 'burg. Enjoy!