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Best Local TV Newscast

KOLD Channel 13

An accomplished buccaneer finds success taking advantage of the weaknesses of an established authority. In the realm of television news, nothing was more established than KVOA's stranglehold on the top spot. But that two-decade status quo was abruptly usurped once a renegade news team started creating waves. News anchor Randy Garsee guided the KOLD sloop past the competition before it could fully ascertain the ramifications. But now, in the midst of its popularity, there could be problems. Longtime co-anchor Kris Pickel has left, which means KOLD is faced with a major decision in the weeks ahead. When the renowned pirate Blackbeard wreaked havoc, he terrified America more than any comet that had ever appeared. Ultimately, his tenure was brief. KOLD hopes to become the ratings establishment, not just a fleeting light in the night sky.

Runners up:

2. KGUN Channel 9,

3. KVOA Channel 4

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