Best Of Tucson®

Best Local TV Newscast

KVOA Channel 4

They lack the angst of Network and the twitchy humor of Broadcast News, but that's OK. The KVOA news team is made up of real people, not characters in a film. Led by anchors Martha Vasquez, Patty Weiss, Tom McNamara and Frank Field, the station has built a reputation for reliable, substantial coverage. The Tucson viewing audience obviously agrees, consistently giving them standing ovations both here and in the ratings. The station has flirted with the breathy, hyper Fox News style that plays on panic, and we hope it remains just a flirtation. While television can't compare to newspapers for depth and breadth, the KVOA crew recognizes that reporting is important work, and they do it well.

Runners up:

2. KGUN Channel 9

3. KOLD Channel 13