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Reader's Pick: Sure, Guy Atchley's new 'do is the coiffure equivalent of a booger hanging of the tip of somebody's nose--you just can't help but stare at it--but once you get past that, hey KGUN has something going on. Just how has KGUN unseated the once-unbeatable KVOA, channel 4, in the ratings? The local reporting? In depth celebrity interviews during the 4:30 broadcast? The Viewer's Bill of Rights? Maybe it's just us, but we think the turnaround came when they snatched up weather god Michael Goodrich.

Of Mythic Proportions: Call us snooty, but we're still tired of in-depth investigations of Circle K patrons buying Powerball tickets, team reporting every time water falls from the sky and bright-and-happy briefs about the latest Big Box to open for business. That's why we tune into KUAT-TV's thoughtful Arizona Illustrated, an in-depth newsmagazine with a talented team of reporters who cover politics, culture, art history and the stories that shape life in the Old Pueblo. Remember: It's supported by you the viewer, so think about writing a check during the next pledge drive, willya?

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