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READERS' PICK: When it comes time for a bubble-headed bleached blonde to give us dirty laundry with a gleam in her eyes, our readers give a slight edge to KGUN-9 News. The gang at Channel 9 says they're on your side--and they even have a Viewer's Bill of Rights to prove it. We just hope all those financial troubles won't damage the sparkling quality of their nightly weather and sports reports. As Ray Depa, KGUN's general manager, told The Weekly recently, "The thing I fear the most is that we will chase good people away from our business. We've always had a difficult time attracting good people to our business and it's going to get worse."

B-SIDE: Compared to the symphony of KUAT-TV's Arizona Illustrated, the local commercial stations are just so much empty pop. The Channel 6 team doesn't race to capture breaking news, so if a meth-crazed headbanger is in a stand-off with cops at a local Circle K, KUAT's cameras won't be on the scene. You can't get scores from the ballgames and the brief weather report doesn't include dazzling CGI graphics. But Arizona Illustrated does cover the day's headlines--which, in some cases, is more than the other stations do--and uses meager resources to report on stories that take a deeper look at politics, personalities, arts and culture, from San Xavier Mission to Pat's Chili Dogs. Tune in five days a week from 6:30 to 7 p.m., or catch the repeat at 11:30 p.m.

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