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Best Local TV Newscast (TIE)

KVOA Channel 4 / KOLD Channel 13

Them folks at Eyewitness News give you the straight skinny. Mugs like Tom McNamara, Kristi Tedesco and Martha Vasquez, they have the dope on what's going on, and they're on the level, the real deal. Sure, that beef with Patti Weiss cost 'em plenty, but that's water over the dam. Jimmy Stewart is a regular professor when it comes to weather, but he don't treat ya like a sap, neither. Them sports guys, Dan Ryan and Eric Rhodes, they ain't just gabbin', and they won't feed you a line. Plus, they've got some lookers, too, like Gina Corral and Lizzie Vall. Channel 4 is aces across the board, get it?

KOLD News 13 is finally getting its props as a solid news team. This year's tie in the polling represents a victory for Randy Garsee, Barbara Grijalva, Kris Pickel, etc., over the dominance KVOA has held for years. The energetic weekend team, Dan Marries and Kaushal Patel, manages to work past the traditional Saturday/Sunday shortage of news hunters/gatherers. On the weather front, meteorologist Chuck George provides understandable explanations of complex environmental physics complete with visual illustrations. He's poised to take on the cherished Michael Goodrich mantle: the bright guy with a friendly smile who knows way too much so we don't have to. Overall, News 13 is poised to become the new heavyweight on the local news scene.

Runner up: KGUN Channel 9

Votes of note: "None"/"They all suck," 17 votes