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Raging Sage

Get the buzz: It's a family affair at Raging Sage, where daughter Shelby positions herself as the chief roaster and bean buyer. Her resume includes roasting stints in Whitefish, Mont., Austin, Texas, and Moscow. Since December 1998, a hefty 35.7 tons of coffee beans have been roasted in 10-pound batches. You do the math. Proper roasting is part science and part art. By roasting in small batches, there's no need for a perky packaging valve. After the roasting process, coffee goes immediately into the freezer for the freshest beans possible. Roasted coffee gets bagged and dated. When buying beans to go, you know just how local and immediate the roasting process is

Runners up:

2. TIE Arbuckle Coffee, 3498 S. Dodge Blvd.

2. TIE Tostino Coffee Roasters, 4283 S. Santa Rita Ave.

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