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Raging Sage Coffee Roasters

READERS' PICK: "I started a roast / which started the whole world perking." Apologies to the Bee Gees, although we doubt any one of them could take more than a sip of the stout blend that is the Raging Sage's house brew. The Raging Sage, having roasted 23.8 tons of coffee beans in its short life, makes us feel like bursting out into celebratory song, or perhaps even an epic of a kind that Wagner might put to music: When Prometheus stole fire, it was only so humans could put it to use charring green coffee beans to a nice brownness, the better to tame forests and build mighty civilizations that would decline only when the Bee Gees hit the Top 10 ... or something like that. Whatever the tune, the Raging Sage's contribution to Tucson's happiness through the magic of fire deserves thanks.