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Calexico, the musical collective built around guitarist Joey Burns and drummer John Convertino, continues to practice its musical alchemy, mixing up the elements of indie rock, Latin rhythms, blues and jazz to create that unique desert noir. We haven't seen that much of Calexico in 2013, as the band has been on the road across America, Europe and Australia in support of its most recent studio release, Algiers. (The band sought out a little voodoo magic in New Orleans when recording the album in 2012.) But Calexico has still shown a lot of love to its hometown, headlining the Festival en el Barrio to benefit radio station KXCI last spring. And while we're sorry the band is not heading up the Dance of the Dead this November, we hear Calexico is planning a fall benefit for another worthy cause. Count us in.

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We'll have to check this person out: One vote for "violinist at Trader Joes on Speedway"

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