Best Of Tucson®

Best Local Performing Artist


Look, Billy, what's that in the sky? Is it a blimp? A flock of cactus wrens? Look, they're heading for that stage over there, and what's that sound? Could it be the sweet timbre of rock infused with mariachi? It must be Super Calexico, Tucson's very own captains and protectors of local music! Watch as they land softly while still playing their instruments, and fight injustice with their signature Sonoran Desert sound! Able to score soundtracks to several movies! Able to tour worldwide to critical acclaim! Able to bring the best local musicians together into an unstoppable team! Look, they just helped a kitten out of a tree! Thanks, Calexico!

Runners up:

2. Lisa Otey

3. TIE

Elemental Artistry

Namoli Brennet