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Lisa Otey

The phrase "perennial box-office favorite" was made for Lisa Otey, a frequent star of both BOT and the TAMMIES. For the second year running, this singer-songwriter-pianist-a master of jazz, blues, boogie woogie, pop and folk-takes top billing in the hearts of Weekly readers. Cast Otey in anything musical in the Old Pueblo, and you've a sure-fire hit in the making. Her recording career's going strong with six albums under her own name and a new CD with the Desert Divas this year-all courtesy of Owl's Nest Productions, the label she runs with partner Kathleen Williamson. Otey regularly tours Europe, haunts Tucson nightclubs such as Janos J Bar and McMahon's Steakhouse and is the former musical director at the Gaslight Theatre. Also, Otey will arrange and direct a Holiday Music Revue that is slated to run Nov. 26 to Dec. 19 at Wilde Playhouse, 135 E. Congress St.

Runners up:

2. Mat Bevel

3. Max Foster

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