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Best Local Performer Departed for Greener Pastures

Fish Karma

Last year, with nary a farewell concert or send-off fête, singer-songwriter, comic, social commentator and occasional Tucson Weekly contributor Fish Karma (aka Terry Owen) quit his elementary-school teaching job and slipped out of town with his new bride to sell textbooks in an exotic, faraway land-Texas. Once upon a time, the inspired author of '80s classics like "Die Like a Dog," "Swap Meet Women" and "God Is a Groovy Guy" neatly captured the angst-filled Reagan-era zeitgeist of Tucson music and culture in three-minute ditties. More recent recordings such as The Dangerous Playground (a kids' album on which he collaborated with Andy Young) and his last CD, Lunch With the Devil, are worth checking out, too. Extra points because he's respected by and has worked with Al Perry, Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon.

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