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KVOA Channel 4

KVOA has dominated the local news scene for years now. Competitors have tried every trick in the book: pretty anchors, urgent camera angles, a helicopter and even improved reporting, all to no avail. Perhaps the secret is that the KVOA news staff has the highest proportion of Tucson natives/UA graduates in its employ than any other station. Folks like Elizabeth Vall, Eric Rhodes, Gina Corral and Sally Shamrell boast the kind of Southern Arizona credentials you need to start working on at birth. Stalwarts like Patty Weiss, Martha Vasquez and Lupita Murillo have been in our homes for decades now and have earned our trust. Weatherman Jimmy Stewart gets synergy from his Arizona Daily Star exposure. We're sure the sports guys do a great job too, but face it, nobody here cares about sports until college basketball season starts.

Runners up:

2. KGUN Channel 9

3. KOLD Channel 13

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