Best Of Tucson®

Best Local Morning Show

Morning Brew

KXCI-FM, 93.1

READERS' PICK: This nod from the readers comes just in time to celebrate the first anniversary of the intoxicating Morning Brew, concocted on the community radio airwaves by hosts Jim Blackwood and Tony Ford. Their mix of adult-album alternative is upbeat and amazingly eclectic (culled from some 54,000 records and 32,000 CDs), ranging from unreleased and forgotten gems from their "Vanishing Vinyl" collection, to previews of new releases both local and national (local chanteuse Lisa Otey and some old-school, live sessions with BB King leap to mind), or any of a variety of bands coming to town (Leo Kottke, Baba Maal and Leftover Salmon were three fab shows you would only hear first on KXCI). Most of all, we love their format, which flies in the face of the morning show formula: it's lots of music with a little bit of talk, not vice versa. The guys' easy-going banter complements rather than detracts, and always sticks to the topic of the music they're playing. And oh, that music! Even when we hate it, we love it. Set your alarm clock to Morning Brew, and you'll never wake up late or on the wrong side of the bed again.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Mojo & Betsy, on KRQ-FM, 93.7. In a business where longevity is measured in months, Mojo & Betsy on KRQ are a decided exception to the rule. They've been pumping out their clever mix of talk, gags, music and nonsense for years, with no end in sight. Not too naughty, not too mean, and a whole lot of fun -- especially their unnerving Phone Scams.

MORE MANIA: Back before Mojo & Betsy took control of KRQ, the team of Mike Elliott and Jimmy Kimmel rode roughshod over the airwaves. After they got bounced by the suits, Elliott moved back to Maine and bought his own station, while Kimmel landed a gig on a top morning show in Los Angeles. He's now the sidekick on Win Ben Stein's Money and co-host of The Man Show, both on Comedy Central, and last summer he won an Emmy, which he then tried to give to Susan Lucci, just before she won hers. We'd say that qualifies for being on something of a roll.