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Rincon Market

READERS' PICK: If Arlo Guthrie came to town he would head for this popular family-run store. Several years ago the small Rincon Market turned itself into a modern-day food emporium offering everything needed for our busy lives. If you're busy, choose from their carefully prepared ready-to-eat deli counter and food bars. The slightly sweet chicken salad has been a favorite for two decades. You're sure to find your own favorite among the breads, coffees, wines, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and pastries. Everything you want is here. Now, if Arlo is looking for cockles and mussels, he might find them at the fish and meat counter. Fishmonger Yuri Ragayev sells the freshest of fish. A symphony of trout comes with precise cooking instructions and a bag of ice to keep it fresh.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: 17th Street Farmers' Market, 840 E. 17th St. So you're listening to Cal Tjader and you want to pick up some Soul Sauce. It's happened to us all. But what market has the variety of soul sauces needed to satisfy an acute hankering? Try the 17th Street Farmers' Market. Whether you want to make tom kha gai from yellow chili paste and coconut milk or some tahini-rich hummus made from fresh garbanzo beans, you'll find all the necessary ingredients at this culinary Mecca of Southern Arizona. And then don't forget the produce, so fresh that Willie Bobo would forgo his beloved fried neckbones and some homefries for a durian or persimmon.

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