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Rincon Market

A friend who lives in the Sam Hughes neighborhood mentioned that through her Tucson Weekly personals ad, she met 14 guys. She met them all under the clock in front of the Rincon Market, then went inside to have coffee or a meal. Since 1926, Rincon Market has been the divine watering hole and mainstay to a close knit group of residents and students/professors all who appreciate quality produce, the freshest fish in town, a salad bar worth salivating over, prepared takeout foods like mom never made, rotisserie chickens ready to go and weekend bargain breakfasts with a dozen carafes of coffee available on the honor system. By the way, our friend married the 14th guy, and they shop happily ever after at the Rincon.

Runners up:

2. TIE Trader Joe's, 7912 N. Oracle Road, 1101 N. Wilmot Road, 4766 E. Grant Road

2. Food Conspiracy Co-Op, 412 N. Fourth Ave.

Unclear on the concept (of local) vote: Trader Joe's (28 votes), Wild Oats (11 votes), Fry's (10 votes), Safeway (8 votes), Bashas' (7 votes), Albertson's (1 vote). The key word is LOCAL.

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