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Best Local Eating Challenge

The Boca Challenge

Not to discount the well-earned fame Lindy’s on Fourth received thanks to its OMFG burger’s appearance on Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food, but access to Tucson’s Chowhound Mount Olympus should take a bit more than three pounds of beef. Enter the Boca Challenge. As of this writing, Boca’s taco platter has bested every challenger that’s stepped up to the plate, including Tucson’s nationally ranked competitive eater, Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco. In addition to immortality at Boca, those who are able to complete the challenge—which includes all of the menu’s tacos and a whole baked potato—are given their meal for free. Considering the cost of failure is more than $50, that pride should more than make up for any future gastronomic distresses you might encounter.