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Buster Borozan

STAFF PICK: Things looked bleak for Buster Borozan when the unflappable golden retriever grew hungry one day and ate most of a role of pennies. His brothers and sisters went the prissy show dog route. Not Buster. He could eat razor blades (disposable) and he once passed a hair band. But pennies are very bad for dogs. Quite toxic. So on that day in 1997, Buster was rushed into emergency surgery. It was tense going, but he was saved and recovered only to find himself and his embarrassing snacking all over the Los Angeles Times and some other coastal fishwraps. Then the tabloids got hold of it. "Stupid Dog," they called him. The shame. He was down, but not out. He rebounded with guest appearances, visits to convalescent homes--he's been a certified therapy dog for several years--and by helping in special education classes. He's a bigshot with Paws for a Cause and made an appearance with Alyssa Milano on a Melrose Place episode. He's been honored as one of Southern California's top volunteers--four- or two-legged--at a ceremony at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and at age 9 appears to be one Borozan to bark home about.

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