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Best Local Coffee Roaster

Raging Sage

Is that joe roasting in the little house on the west side of Campbell Avenue? It surely is. This coffee house has a devoted following because of its warm ambiance and its on-site roasted coffee. You know they roast their own because the aroma wafts up and down Campbell Avenue. Raging Sage is a family-run business. They maintain a commitment to their community by using Arabica beans from organic and shade-grown plantations. The quality is maintained, because small quantities of beans are roasted and packaged. The usual coffee roasts are available along with the signature House Blend whose composition is something of a mystery. We like the Monsoon Blend.

Runners up:

2. Safehouse/Roaster X, 4024 E. Speedway Blvd., 318-3090
3. Tostino Coffee Roasters, 4238 S. Santa Rita Ave., 294-5112

Unclear on the concept: Starbucks Coffee, four votes