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John Coinman

READERS' PICK: John Coinman hasn't been a Tucsonan long; the native New Mexican logged plenty of time in California and other venues before settling down here a few years ago. Still, he's made himself right at home, celebrating the Sonoran Desert in moving, literate songs such as "41 Crosses," "Even Geronimo Surrendered," and "This Town." He's building a strong and growing local following. We're delighted to claim him as another of Tucson's cultural treasures. Catch his next performance, and you'll see why.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Flam Chen. This ain't no party, this ain't no circus...this is all that and more foolin' around! Flam Chen's combination of fire, juggling and performance art with an Eastern kabuki aesthetic never fails to deliver thrills to the young and old alike. Sometimes accompanied by live music and sometimes not, but either way you can usually catch the Flam ones at the Mat Bevel Institute for one of their many benefit shows throughout the year. They've also made many appearances during the Downtown Saturday Night events.

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