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Best Local Artist/Nutty

Ned Schaper, a.k.a. Mat Bevel

READERS' PICK: Mat Bevel. The inexhaustible Ned Schaper, better known as Mat Bevel, has been channeling his abundant energy and imagination into the kooky kinetic sculptures that fill his warehouse/performance space (now on Stone Avenue due north of Sixth Street) since 1987. Out of old bicycle parts, scrap metal, gizmos, doodads and widgets, Ned has assembled an animated accumulation of things that whir, whiz, wiggle and charm. In addition to his own performances, the Mat Bevel Institute also hosts an ever-widening array of events from jazz concerts to puppet shows and avant-garde theater. Any event here will bring some color to your world, for sure.

READER'S POLL RUNNER-UP: Apparently, lots of Tucsonans like their red meat seasoned with the dark and bizarre marinade concocted within the warped cerebrum of Max Cannon. The local artist, through his long-running syndicated comic strip Red Meat, has diligently dissected the seedy underbelly of American culture and exposed its fetid innards for our pleasure and amusement. If the comedy-bordering-on-horror antics of Milkman Dan and Bug-Eyed Earl tickle your fancy, you're either on medication or you're a Cannon fanatic (most likely both). With last year's release of his second collection of strips, titled More Red Meat, Cannon's army of darkness continues to march on, steadily increasing the national Meat consumption. Family Circus beware! Red Meat is what's for dinner.

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