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It's hard to imagine a Tucson gay scene without LGBT community center Wingspan. The nonprofit provides a bewildering array of programs, including intervention services for victims of violence, social services for all ages and gender identifications, and even a film festival. Wingspan is also active politically, working its magic to defeat Proposition 107 and encourage tolerance through an ad campaign that shows members of the LGBT community are people just like anyone else. (Fancy that!) And the Wingspan building itself provides a safe atmosphere for members of a population who all too often face extreme adversity. Some have said it's unusual for a city our size to have such a vigorous advocate for the LGBT community; Wingspan definitely makes Tucson unique.

Runners up:

2. No More Deaths, 3809 E. Third St., 495-5583,

3. Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, 375 S. Euclid Ave., 628-7223,

Sign of the impending apocalypse: "Vote Kerry!," one vote

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