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Ain't Nobody's Bizness

Reader's Pick: There is a complex myth among the more horny bucks of our confused species that while on the dance floor, if a male hisses and rubs and bumps and grabs and plays jackhammer at the posterior of females with dogged uninvited desperation, said females will (a) find pleasure in watching his manic buck rhythm, and then (b) leave the dance floor and the club to contend with his horns beneath the posterior of nude women who look at him always, yet see nothing.

The reason Ain't Nobody's Bizness, aka The Biz, was voted Best Lesbian Bar in Tucson has much more to do with the dispelling of this myth than with the belief by most Tucsonans that it is the only lesbian bar in Tucson. A night at The Biz, you see, will work for you no matter who or how you are, provided you (a) keep your own rhythm; and (b) don't leave the dance floor 'til you get enough, because, Sister, this dance floor's got plenty! It's a precious thing when the dance vibe is this sexy, high and fun and low and nasty all moving together. My oh my, we think that woman in the Delicious! T-shirt is in the middle of that freaky dance chain over there., but who can keep track? And why would you bother, with business of your own?

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