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Bentley's House of Coffee and Tea

There are many good reasons to like Bentley's. The anti-Starbucks, it is a homegrown institution. Bentley's also had the audacity and vision to ban smoking almost 15 years before it became fashionable (and then mandatory). But for all of Bentley's good karma and designer coffee drinks, it is the lemonade--a perfect blend of refreshing sweet and tart over perfectly sized ice cubes within a large glass tumbler dripping with condensation--that is Bentley's best. It continues to satisfy in a way that no other lemonade has, can or ever will. Two years ago, in another bold move--genius, perhaps--they introduced the hibiscus variation. For the ultimate experience, ask your server to mix three parts regular to one part hibiscus. Add one lemon wedge and mix well. Tip generously.

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