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100 E. Congress St.

READERS' PICK: As the only independently owned and operated Tucson diner open 24-hours a day, Grill boasts a spectrum of colors for your blood-shot eyes. The blue room, the red room and the garage-door green kitchen will surely keep reality at bay, if not in check. And there's only one simple rule to follow: one dollar per hour, minimum. This means if you buy a bottle of red wine and a side of Cap'n Crunch, you can hang out for a full cycle of sun and moon (or until the buzz wears off). This is probably as cheap as most University-area rent premiums, and the conversation will undoubtedly be better. Make sure to visit the two-dollar photo booth in the back.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Kingfisher, 2564 E. Grant Road. Man, what a swingin' joint! Although they don't have live jazz every night, Kingfisher always feels like the place Sinatra would've taken his ladies, if his plane ever got stuck in Tucson en route from Paris to Vegas. The food is beyond fabulous: try any of the seafood dishes, and don't be shy about digging into the extremely flavorful Mexican Bay oysters. Giving the menu its early-'60s feel are a number of sumptuous meat dishes, including the best lamb in Tucson. And because it's open late, it's the perfect place to refuel with your rat pack after shakin' up the dance floors downtown. (Also see Best Cocktails, page 128.)

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