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Best Late-Night Eats


After a long night of pillaging the desert, the only place to go to fill a pirate belly is Grill. Where else can a pirate get a bottle of Old Peculiar Ale and scrambled eggs at 1 a.m.? Plus, it's a little-known fact that desert pirates are especially fond of Cap'n Crunch, and are known to devour large bowls of it late in the evening--you don't want to cross a pirate on the hunt for a bowl of crunchy goodness. But rest assured: If you encounter a booth filled with munching pirates late in the night, you'll have nothing to fear--pirates with high blood sugar are about the nicest bunch of lads you'll ever meet.

Runners up:

2. Kingfisher Bar and Grill, 2564 E. Grant Road, 323-7739,

3. Pastiche Modern Eatery, 3025 N. Campbell Ave., 325-3333,

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