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Best Late-Night Eats


"Service in a While" goes Grill's latest slogan, and you can bet your sweet bippy they mean it! Obsequious pandering to the customer is not part of the Grill experience. Now shut up and like it! If you find that jaded urban swagger somehow upsetting, perhaps Grill is not for you. However, if you turn away, you'll be missing a menu that has some surprisingly sophisticated dishes, however reliant on comfort food it may be. But Grill's strength is staples-tater tots, meat, eggs, a vintage ambience and a remarkable selection of potent potables during drinkin' hours. It's Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes if, say, Fred Ronstadt was the RZA and Howe Gelb was Bill Murray. And really, can you beat 24-hour service? That's customer appreciation.

Runners up:

2. Kingfisher Bar and Grill, 2564 E. Grant Road, 323-7739

3. Pastiche, 3025 N. Campbell Ave., 325-3333