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Best Late-Night Eats


A rare place to go downtown past the witching hour to feed your bones, Grill specializes in the kind of comfort food one usually craves in the wee hours of the morning. Maybe it's a bowl of Cap'n Crunch that sobers you up, or maybe it's fried ravioli. Chicken sandwich? Side of bacon? Cinnamon French toast? Or a plate of fries with a burger patty and gravy and eggs on top? Even if all you want is a cup of good strong, no-nonsense coffee, Grill's there for you, man. And, if you get there before last call, there's alcohol and live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in the Red Room. What more could you want from a 24-hour restaurant? A taxidermy deer head, you say? Well, of course. Grill has that, too.

Runners up:

2. Kingfisher, 2564 E. Grant Road

3. Losbetos, Various locations

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