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Rainbow Jewelers/Tiffany and Co. (TIE)


Rainbow Jewelers

Don't let the name fool you: Rainbow Jewelers is no hippie, hole-in-the-wall jewelry store. This local store is the real thing, with gold, diamonds and a full array of other precious bling. There are in-house designers who know their stuff and who love to help folks create unique pieces. You'll also find stunning bracelets, watches, earrings and more. Since this is a local, "neighborhood" jewelry store, you'll receive sincere customer service, whether you are on a budget or have a lot of cash to spend. These guys have been in business for more than two generations and have a legion of loyal customers.

Tiffany and Co.

You won't find the Green Lantern's power ring at Tiffany, but you will find a variety of equally stunning rings and jewelry on display. Diamonds, platinum, gold, silver, sapphires and more will taunt you with their beautiful sparkle. And if you try on a ring, be warned: No superhero can save you from being mesmerized. Men can also get their bling on with a fine selection of rings, cuff links, watches and more. Get your purchase wrapped in a Tiffany Blue Box® with a white ribbon to have the full experience. Take it home to your beloved, and you'll forever be a hero.

Runner up:

3. Marshall's Jewelers

4755 E. Grant Road


7113 N. Oracle Road


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