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Best Jamaican Food Truck

D&D's Island Grill JA

We may be far from the island of Jamaica, but thanks to the recent influx of Jamaican restaurants, Tucsonans don't have to want for jerk chicken. D&D's, a food truck located in the parking lot on the northwest corner of Broadway Boulevard and Wilmot Road, serves up dirty rice, refreshing Jamaican fruit drinks and a rotating selection of Jamaican staples. Yes, that not only means jerk chicken, but goat curry, fried fish, brown stew chicken and oxtails. The jerk chicken is succulent and flavorful; it falls right off the bone (which is a good thing, because they serve the chicken in true Jamaican fashion: hacked to bits, bones and all). The goat curry, according to close friends who eat that sort of thing, is spiced perfectly. And the dirty rice is so moist and delicious that you'll have dreams about it for weeks.