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Gavi is one restaurant where you'll be thankful the excesses of the '80s are still in effect. Chain restaurants may be happy to heap mounds of mediocre fare into your to-go container, but Gavi's ample servings are the real deal, with perfectly cooked pasta, flavorful tomato sauces and creamy white sauces. You'd expect a matronly Italian woman to be walking from table to table, pinching your cheek and chastising you when you just couldn't eat any more, if it weren't for the decidedly macho soccer-jersey-inspired décor at the Broadway location. (The foothills location is more upscale.) Take advantage of your to-go box, and save room for Gavi's heavenly, homemade tiramisu for dessert.

Runners up:

2. Caruso's

434 N. Fourth Ave.


3. Vivace

4310 N. Campbell Ave.


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