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Saffron Indian Bistro

If you don't live on the northwest-side, then listen up: Saffron is worth the drive. Nowhere else in Tucson can you find Indian food with this kind of freshness, flavor and balance. The food is cooked to perfection, given just enough time to make the flavors intense while still keep things intact. The cauliflower in the aloo matar gobi is tender, but crisp. The tomato sauce in the chicken tikka masala is bright and creamy without being heavy. The naan is toasty and soft. The tandoori chicken is fiery-red and inviting. If you still think Saffron is too far, consider this: India itself is even farther. So which will it be? Saffron in Oro Valley, or a flight to New Delhi?

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3. Gandhi Cuisine of India

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