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Saffron Indian Bistro

Saffron somehow finds the perfect balance between the best of the old and the best of the new. The room looks like it was painted with the golden spices found in the kitchen, seeing as it is bright, warm and welcoming. Service is friendly and knowledgeable. Dishes can be made at whatever heat level is requested. The saffron shrimp is a favorite, and the saffron ajwain fish from the tandoor is sublime. The aloo matar gobhi—with potatoes, peas and cauliflower in a tomato-and-onion sauce—will make you glad to eat your vegetables. Unlike many places where the naan comes only one way, Saffron offers both plain and stuffed varieties. Enjoy wine, cocktails or an icy Indian beer.

Runners up:

2. Gandhi Cuisine of India

150 W. Fort Lowell Road


3. Sher-E-Punjab

853 E. Grant Road


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