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Gandhi Cuisine of India

Once upon a time, one of us had a girlfriend whose parents were from India. The boy was kind of a jerk; the girl wanted 13 kids; it all ended badly, the usual deal. It was like a horror movie. He can't remember her name, but what he does remember is the food. Wow. Her parents were amazing cooks. It was the real deal, and it was gooood. Well, that's what Gandhi is like--it's gooood. If your girlfriend's parents were from India, this is the kind of food they'd make. Start with a samosa and have some naan, then choose something cooked in the tandoor or off the vegetarian menu. Wash it all down with a mango milk shake. You really can't go wrong.

Runners up:

2. India Oven Cuisine of India, 2727 N. Campbell Ave., 326-8635

3. Sher-E-Punjab, 853 E. Grant Road, 624-9393