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Gandhi Cuisine of India

When a pirate gets home from work and wants to take the significant other out for a nice meal, where to go? How about someplace exotic, a place where the cares of the workaday pirate world just drift away. You walk into this place, and the wizened old visage of Gandhi himself stares calmly down at you from the peaceful blue walls. And the food! Start with a samosa (a sort of vegetable puff pastry), then move on to an order of sang paneer with some naan on the side. This is creamed spinach with cheese cubes and a traditional Indian bread cooked on the walls of the tandoor, a distinctive kind of Indian oven. And it won't cost you a lot of loot, either.

Runners up:

2. India Oven Cuisine of India, 2727 N. Campbell Ave., 326-8635

3. Sher-E-Punjab, 853 E. Grant Road, 624-9393

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