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Gandhi Cuisine of India

Sometimes, Gandhi is a three-ring circus, with its extended family staff moving purposefully among the tables of the cozy dining room, filling glasses, taking orders, delivering food and occasionally herding small children back to the reception area. It's all part of the warm, informal atmosphere, where you feel more like a family guest invited for a busy feast than a restaurant patron. The food is expertly and exactly prepared from an extensive menu featuring chicken, lamb, crawfish, shrimp, fish, and, of course, vegetarian delights. Crisp papadums with a three-chutney sampler take the place of chips and salsa. Main dishes are served on individual platters including sides of rice, raita, dal, kutchamber, grilled vegetables or fresh fruit, depending on your order.

Runners up:

2. India Oven, 2727 N. Campbell Ave.

3. Sher-E Punjab, 853 E. Grant Road

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