Best Of Tucson®

Best Independent Bookstore

Antigone Books

A cross between an institution and a dinosaur—it's one of the very few independent bookstores to have survived in Tucson—Antigone has a unique identity and devoted patrons. Anchoring a block on Fourth Avenue—where else?—it is also a fabulously forward-thinking dinosaur: It's now a 100 percent solar-powered establishment. And Antigone still offers what has made it last for 40-ish years: books (and if they don't have the one you want, they will order it); a unique selection of cards and gifts; book groups; readings; and the best staff, always there to direct, to recommend, to refer and to make shopping fun—even for those who hate to shop. And they now offer e-books! Antigone's survival proves there are still some awesome dinosaurs among us.

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