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Best Ice Cream

Frost, a Gelato Shoppe

Frost doesn't serve ice cream; it serves gelato. That means Frost uses a lot less butterfat to create rich, flavorful treats. You only need to look at the display case to know this stuff is going to be delicious. The amazing range of flavors is courtesy of Nazario Melchionda, an Italian chef who knows his way around sweet treats. Whether you want fruity—blackberry or pineapple or limoncello; or sweet—chocolate, cheesecake or peanut-butter crunch—Frost is sure to offer something that will make your tongue dance. For those who want less sugar, they even offer a dietetic chocolate. There's no better way to treat yourself on a hot day.

Runners up:

2. Cold Stone Creamery

Various locations

3. Santa Barbara Ice Cream

1058 N. Campbell Ave.