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Frost, a Gelato Shoppe

Frost gelato has no business being part of a fitness regimen. Textured like shorn velvet and deeply flavorful, this gelato tastes like it's several times more sinful than the best ice cream. Fortunately, the counter cards offer up absurdly sensible nutritional data. (Research shows that, per serving, Frost gelato has about half the calories and one-seventh the fat of, for example, Häagen-Dazs Pomegranate Chip.) While many people are concerned about such things these days, the best approach to Frost may be to forget all that: Close your eyes, and savor every sumptuous mouthful.

Runners up:

2. Cold Stone Creamery, Various locations,

3. Santa Barbara Ice Creamery, 1058 N. Campbell Ave., 323-1231