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Best Huevos Rancheros (TIE)

Frank's Restaurant / Teresa's Mosaic Café

Just west of Alvernon Way, on the north side of Pima Street, you'll find a humble building full of warm and lovely people. It's Frank's, one of the two best places to go for huevos rancheros. The meal is built on a large tortilla with beans, cheese, salsa and two eggs (any style). You also get a choice of home fries or hash browns, with a cup of fresh-brewed coffee rounding out the dining experience. Frank's is open for breakfast and lunch--and if you like the huevos, come back after dark, when the restaurant transforms itself into Francisco's, serving Michoacan cuisine.

Nestled in a rather quiet part of town, on an even quieter hill, Teresa's Mosaic Café consistently serves up some of the best Mexican food in the city--quite an honor considering all that Tucson has to offer. The huevos rancheros, served on a crispy tostada, feature eggs and beans topped with homemade sauce, with a fresh tortilla on the side. The dish is only served for breakfast (though the restaurant has a great lunch/dinner menu as well) and manages not to be too spicy while still maintaining a ton of flavor. You can enjoy the huevos rancheros while looking at one of the many gorgeous and colorful mosaics displayed at each table--which make this quiet, classy restaurant even prettier.

Runner up:

3. Blue Willow, 2616 N. Campbell Ave., 327-7577,