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Raging Sage Coffee Roasters

READERS' PICK: What dance goes with coffee? Well, if you have a cup of Raging Sage's ever-so-strong, fresh-roasted house blend, maybe the pogo. Two cups, maybe a reel. Three cups, maybe the jerk. Whatever your step, it's a rich, delicious, cost-effective way to tune yourself up for the day ahead, far and away the best cup of joe in town.

B-SIDE: Ike's, 100 N. Stone Ave. (Pioneer Building). Do you work downtown? If your brain's running at 33 1/3 rpm when it needs to be at 45, jump-start it with a cup of Ike's House Blend. This strong, dark roast works you like a combination of coffee songs by Sarah Vaughan, Lightnin' Hopkins and Tom Waits. And if you also need a bit of sugar (sugar) on your tongue, Ike's friendly staff will serve you up a Cinnamon (girl) Roll, a Blueberry (hill) Muffin, or a (do you believe in) Magic Bar.

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