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Best House-Blend Coffee

Raging Sage

The beauty of Raging Sage is two-fold: The delectable house-blended coffee is their own unique creation, and bags of the stuff are on sale to go. Toeing the fine gymnastic line between the light and dark side, the brew achieves the ever-difficult balance of satisfying both the die-hard coffee-bean aficionados and the folks who just want a jolt to get them through another day on the grind. This coffee is meant to be enjoyed black and hot, but a little creamer doesn't hurt. Enjoy the aromatic flavors at the Raging Sage bungalow on Campbell Avenue or from your own pot at home. The house blend will surely get you going and help you visualize hip-checking your boss on the hockey ice, or whatever it is you do to pass Monday mornings. Runners up:

2. Starbucks, Various locations,

3. TIE

Bentley's House of Coffee and Tea, 1730 E. Speedway Blvd., 795-0338,

Caffe Luce, 943 E. University Blvd., No. 191, 207-5504,