Best Of Tucson®

Best House-Blend Coffee

Raging Sage

Not only is Raging Sage a repeat winner in this category, but it is also a repeat winner in multiple categories as far as coffee is concerned. (Somehow, some big chain joint won in the barista category--we demand a recount! Or at least a careful reading of what "Best of TucsonTM" means.) The blend here is international in content and wise in roasting styles. The coffee is rich and full-bodied, a real coffee drinkers' coffee. Get a cup with a house brownie, and you're all set. Of course, at the restaurant--with expert hands grinding and brewing--the house blend turns out great, but will the flavors stand up to the variances of ordinary people making a pot or two? Indeed, it does.

Runners up:

2. Starbucks, Various locations,

3. Epic Café, 745 N. Fourth Ave., 624-6844,