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Best Hot Dog

El Güero Canelo

Multiple locations

You wanna start a fight in Tucson? That Trump-Biden stuff is just Chump Town. The real action comes when you start talking hot dogs—Sonoran style or hot chili (enchiloso, not temperature). For what seems like forever, Pat’s Chili Dogs on Grande, with their burn-your-mouth chili dog and the real-potato fries, ruled the Old Pueblo. But then came the Sonoran-style hot dog, a truly insidious creation that features a frank wrapped in…mmm, bacon! El Güero Canelo started on the South side, but has now expanded to three locations. All three are built around the featured item, the Sonoran-style hot dog with the aforementioned bacon, beans, grilled and fresh onion, tomato, mustard, mayo and jalapeño sauce. But there are so many more delights on the menu. Burros, tortas, tacos, quesadillas… However, none of those come with bacon, so we’re back to the star of the show.

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3. Pat’s Chili Dogs