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When your interior decorator says, "Let's Go Crazy," reorient him or her with a walkabout at Copenhagen. Their sweep of Euro designs—in ebony, teak veneer, mahogany, beech, cherry, walnut or rosewood, all crafted into elegant tables, chairs, beds or even armoires—defines civilized living. To accessorize, add a silver retro space-age lamp or a playful shag area rug in orange, purple or silver. For your home office, choices range from Germanic stern to stylishly angular, with lots of glass and metal accents. If you've got the money to decorate in the first place, why go for a faux rustic look, rather than wonderfully worldly and modern?

Runners up:

2. Sam Levitz Furniture

3430 E. 36th St.


3750 W. Orange Grove Road


100 N. Pantano Road


3. TIE

Contents Interiors

3401 E. Fort Lowell Road


Tres Amigos

5975 E. Broadway Blvd.


6431 N. Thornydale Road


3616 E. Fort Lowell Road


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