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The furniture at Copenhagen has a midcentury modern aesthetic; you almost expect to see Frank Sinatra making out with Debbie Reynolds over martinis in one of those stylish, ready-made room designs. And yet there's something so 21st century about those sleek lines--so cool, so elegant and yet so comfortable, with every leather couch and chair sink-in cozy. The furniture here is not inexpensive, but then it's not outlandish, either. And this is furniture that lasts; just ask the millions of Americans who have purchased Copenhagen products over the years--dining room tables, entertainment centers, coffee tables and dining room sets that remain useful and beautiful today.

Runners up:

2. Sam Levitz Furniture, 3430 E. 36th St., 624-7443; 3750 W. Orange Grove Road, 531-9905; 100 N. Pantano Road, 917-2410;

3. American Home, 4690 N. Oracle Road, 690-8300; 9550 E. Golf Links Road, 290-8600;

Sign of the impending apocalypse: Target, two votes

Vote of note: "Lost Barrio District (can't pick just one store)"

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