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Best Home Furnishings


Oh, those Scandinavians and their wicked-cool furniture. Don't come to Copenhagen if you have a thing for avocado-green recliners festooned with antimacassars. No, no, no. Copenhagen is the place for sleek and contemporary furnishings with a Danish-Italian twist. It's hip; it's cool; it's "with it." Think clean lines and a decidedly modern aesthetic. It's a store filled to the brim with furnishings that tell the world you know how to decorate. Have at it.

Runners up:

2. American Home, 4690 N. Oracle Road, 690-8300; 2020 W. Prince Road, 690-5500; 9550 E. Golf Links Road, 290-8600,

3. Sam Levitz Furniture, Various locations,

Sign of the impending apocalypse: Target, two votes; Wal-Mart, one vote