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Best Hole To Crawl Into When You're Down And Out

Santa Cruz River Park Underpass

STAFF PICK: A few years ago, where the west side of the Santa Cruz linear park dips under Congress Street, someone hollowed out a nice bench along and above the bike path. It's a fine, sheltered spot where you can stretch out without getting in anybody's way. This is the park's lowest underpass, so it's the closest you can safely get to the roiling Santa Cruz on the few days there's anything in it to roil. Topside, you'll find a Carl's Jr. dumpster for your dining pleasure, Felix Lucero's Garden of Gethsemane sculpture park for your spiritual succor, and, a few yards south of Congress Street, the best vantage point for the Fourth of July fireworks over Sentinel Peak. (The Rio Nuevo development may eventually get in the way, but that doesn't seem likely to happen in our lifetimes.) All in all, it's the sort of versatile, inviting place that makes you grateful to be a loco yokel in Tucson.